With countless construction projects occurring each and every day across New York City, concrete work and more specifically concrete core drilling is a vital step in the process. A requirement for sewer systems, and running telephone lines, and structural testing – core drilling is needed for many aspects of a construction project and the team at Scan Tech NYC provides the top core drilling services available today!

What is Core Drilling?
Concrete core drilling, sometimes known as concrete coring, is a method of drilling rounded holes into a structure like concrete walls. It’s a vital service that is used for when precision circular penetration is needed within thick concrete structures across New York City and other areas. These holes can be made at almost any angle and depth, and at Scan Tech NYC we provide drilling in some of the most difficult to reach areas of your construction site – as needed!

Why Do You Need Core Drilling?
Core drilling is a vital service in this industry, and can come into play in a number of different scenarios, including:

  • Plumbing work
  • HVAC work
  • Electrical jobs
  • Phone lines and other telecommunications work

Why Choose Scan Tech NYC?
At Scan Tech NYC, we provide the very best in core drilling services around NYC. Using diamond core drilling, we are able to help our clients achieve their core drilling needs faster and more efficiently than our competitors! This not only ensures a well-done job, but one that saves on costs of labor and fits into any time schedule!

For more information on core drilling services, be sure to contact Scan Tech NYC today.