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Scan Tech is a leading provider of subsurface imaging and utility locating. We utilize advanced, non-destructive methods to provide Better Vision through hard surfaces like soil, concrete, asphalt.

Our Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Electromagnetic Location services prevent unexpected setbacks in many construction projects, allowing you to work safely and avoid costly damage to existing infrastructure.

Knowing where existing utilities may create conflicts gives our clients Better Intelligence to plan and execute their work efficiently and safely.


How It Works

GPR equipment is capable of transmitting and receiving electromagnetic waves which are sent into the grounds subsurface or other material, and detects interfaces between differing materials. The interface between these materials are identified by the changes which occur to the electromagnetic waves. These changes can be caused by voids, reinforcing bars, underground utilities (metal or plastic), conduits, or a variety of other items. The antenna transmits and receives a high-frequency electromagnetic impulse (radar wave) into the material of interest, and records the travel time and amplitude of the reflected impulses.

The on-board processor of the GPR system records these deflections and reflections and is able to digitally process them. The data output is typically read and interpreted by the technician via the a color video screen. It is also possible for the data to be recorded and downloaded to a computer for further processing and interpretation. Additionally the saved data can be used to generate a three dimensional subsurface map which can be printed

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Benefits of Using GPR

  • GPR is emits very low energy high frequency radar waves (unlike the gamma rays used in concrete X-Ray radiography). This allows GPR to be used in buildings while residents are still present.
  • Unlike concrete X-Ray (radiography) GPR presents no risk to residents or technicians working in the test area because there is no radiation hazard.
  • GPR is very fast, it allows for real time imaging results, unlike Concrete X-Ray services.
  • GPR works when there is only access to 1 side of a structure, requires only 1 technician, and is capable of performing in slab on grade situations.
  • The equipment is very fast and is capable of rendering a single scan of an area in around 15 minutes.

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