What is Concrete Scanning?

Being one of the most densely populated cities in the world, New York City is a buzzing metropolis that’s always under development. And with construction projects on every corner, and skyscrapers being built every year, the construction industry has reached an incredible peak. One thing that most of these construction projects have in common is the fact that there are millions of pounds of concrete being poured into them each and every year. But when working with an existing concrete foundation or structure, it can become difficult to see what’s underneath and what is going on below. This brings up one of the most vital construction services around today, concrete scanning and imaging. According to the team at ScanTech Services Inc, known for the best concrete scanning NYC has to offer, GPR concrete scanning is a vital service in the NYC construction industry and is something that is needed on almost every project across the state! Despite how vital a service concrete imaging might be however, many individuals, even long-time contractors, aren’t nearly as familiar as they should be with it. In this article, we will be going over the basics of concrete scanning.

Concrete Scanning

A city that’s constantly under development, NYC is home to some of the premiere concrete professionals in the world! And with millions of pounds of concrete being poured each year, concrete scanning and concrete imaging has become one of the most vital services around. According to the team at ScanTech, known for the best concrete scanning NYC has to offer, concrete scanning is quite valuable because it’s a non-destructive method that allows us to assess concrete and identify what’s beneath using ground penetrating radar, or GPR. As per the experts at ScanTech, known for the best concrete imaging NYC has to offer, this method allows us to figure out what impediments might be in the way, and to evaluate the integrity of the structure.

Using GPR scanning NYC experts at ScanTech can help to locate utility lines, telecommunications systems, existing plumbing and more – prior to concrete cutting, coring, or drilling. Plus, considering that GPR uses reflected radio waves, it makes it a much safer form of concrete imaging. At ScanTech, they provide the best concrete imaging NYC has to offer, and its a service that is both versatile and effective for assessing concrete columns, slabs, walls and more. In years past, construction teams might have used concrete x-rays, but this method is highly inefficient and doesn’t offer anywhere near the digital imaging of the GPR scanning NYC experts at ScanTech employ.

Where to Use Concrete Scanning?

When it comes to concrete scanning there are a number of different applications. NYC GPR experts at ScanTech provide services for:

Underground utility installations and management.
Underground utility locating.
Private utility locating.
Preconstruction utility mapping.
Underground plumbing inspections
And much more! Before you drill through that concrete slab, it’s important that you perform a careful and thorough scan of the subsurface area and all the materials held beneath. For more information on concrete scanning and concrete imaging, be sure to contact ScanTech today.